{greener cleaner} remove the junk, same some dough


i’m pretty sure our grandmother’s (if not their mom’s) knew what was up. we laughed and made fun of their “make it yourself” way of life. and what the hell was borax anyway? lame. suddenly i find myself in a rather fun situation of using a word we only learned about in school… recession. whatever, i know. makes me grandma-ish already.

something else i know… marketing. i know everyone wants a buck. me too… my own buck in my pocket. i also know if you read ingredients you can learn alot about what you’re buying. not just what’s in it like “bad for you stuff” which there is TONS of that. what i’m talking about here is checking out what the product is made of and why you are willing to pay for that particular product. marketing, commercials, ads… our brain is full of sh*t and we KNOW it. did you know that the new line of industrial strength deodorant isn’t any different then a couple of the other WAY cheaper ones two shelves below it. but that clinical packaging is so so sweet, right. screw that, that doesn’t keep me so fresh and so clean clean all day.

marketing has clever ways of keeping us stupid so we keep paying for their pretty packaging, but let’s be honest… its also easier to walk down an isle and toss a product into our basket. guilty. neither my budget nor my common sense will allow for it anymore:  washing machine detergent, downy wrinkle releaser, febreze, fabric softener, dishwasher soap, etc. these little gems cost and eat up way too much of my budget. the ingredients are pretty much all on one shelf in wal-mart (or whoever has really good prices).

so here’s the granny words that make people stare at you funny… baking soda, washing soda, borax, even vinegar. they are the staples of our fun goodies. but the products like to call baking soda, “stain lifters and material softeners” so awesome. that’s definitely worth another $10!


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