Monthly Archives: September 2011

random homemade soaps


a few soaps i tried this weekend.


this is my kitchen sink soap. it’s made with avocado-cucumber base and a citrus antibacterial soap. it smells divine



this is one of my favorites. its a clear glycerin base with one of my favorite Victoria Secret scents with added dried lavender. i do not recommend adding dried goodies to your soap, they turn a funky brown and if you put them in clear glycerin, its just ugly. i remelted my original, added some goat’s milk base with added purple coloring and it worked out much better.


another Victoria Secret scent added to a clear glycerin base and a couple of silk flowers. i wish you could smell this. it just makes me happy.



one for the feet, one for the face. the orange soap has a foot scrub added, peach coloring in an avocado-cucumber base.

The white one is amazing. I added a combination of two face cleaners both with silicic acid… one a scub, one creamy added to a goat’s milk base. no color, no fragrance. Its soft and it lathers so so nice.



Cristi’s masterpiece. “the eye”. we did layers of a pink soap scented with citrus shower gel and the purple is the same scent but stronger in a goat’s milk base. we layered them so we could keep a consistent purple “eye” in the middle. this process will take a bit more practice. this soap is about 5″ long… I just love the shape!



this is a seriously cool soap. i added coffee grounds to a glycerin base with vanilla and berry scents. the coffee fell to the bottom of both soaps. i put them together so i have a double sided scrub. i crave brownies and mocha all the time now.



my leg shaving soap. i’m just in love with this. improvements to come. more here on the process.



fun with barbie boots in a clear glycerin base with pink sparkly coloring. Scented with lavender.


greenery of the hanging kind


I improved the deck this weekend. a much needed change.









shaving soap… version 1.1


i had to try a shaving soap when i had the idea to make curved soap to slide on my legs to shave with. i will use better base and ingredients when this works out. but i have to say, this one is pretty freaking sweet!

this is the basic mold set up:

i added a little water (thanks for the suggestion Cristi) to help hold the water bottle down into the soap I pre-poured into the dish. it looks messy here, but it cleaned up nicely.

added a little scented lotion

and some coconut oil

and mixed in a little purple coloring

out of the mold:


trimmed up and ready to use 🙂